A recent visit to Camira Fabrics, one of the UK's most established and innovative textile mills, yielded some fascinating and inspiring facts about their weaving processes, the skills they harness and the vast meterages they produce in one of their equally vast mills - which is as good as any fact to start with.

2 football pitches, roughly the size of the Meltham mill  66 looms across flat & plush weaving 16 double plush Van de Wiele double plush looms  7552 total threads used on each loom  3808 warp threads  3744 pile threads  230 metres woven on a single plush loom per week  1150 metres per month  17 skilled weavers passionate about their craft  61 employed in production including 'warpers' & 'knotters'  24/5  production  3 work shifts per 24 hrs  30 different yarn compositions can be woven with almost  200 colours in any one composition  127,000 meters of fabrics woven each week  30+ commercial weavers active in Huddersfield alone in 1992  30 approx commercial weavers across the whole of the North of England in 2012  1 industry in decline  1 innovative UK company weaving a sustainable future by design

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